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Evolution Bikes has been a leader in the bicycle sales sector for over
40 years. It was born in 1974 and has been handed down from generation
to generation. Currently, 3 generations have followed one another.

But now we don’t want to bore you with our story. Rather, we are known
as the largest bike shop in Southern Italy.

Cyclists from all over the
world come to our store (4 points of sale within a radius of 150
metres). In every State you see on the Map there is at least one of our

Unfortunately, we have lost count of the bikes sold. However, we do not
only sell bikes but also everything else that the cyclist may need.
Whatever your discipline on two muscular wheels (e-bikes included) we
have what you need.

What I helped them with

As a Creative Director for Evolution Bikes, I had the incredible opportunity to spearhead a comprehensive revamp of their online presence and brand identity. With the task at hand, I meticulously crafted a new website, designed eye-catching social media templates, and orchestrated the rebranding of their iconic logo. Throughout this creative journey, my objective was to seamlessly blend Evolution Bikes’ rich history and esteemed reputation as the largest bike shop in Southern Italy with a modern and captivating sports aesthetic.

Let’s delve into the details of each aspect of this transformative project, beginning with the website. Understanding the significance of a compelling user experience, I embarked on designing an intuitive and visually captivating platform that would cater to the needs of both new and loyal customers. The website served as a virtual gateway to the world of Evolution Bikes, showcasing their extensive range of products, services, and expertise.

From top-of-the-line bicycles to a vast selection of accessories and equipment, Evolution Bikes ensures that every customer can find exactly what they require to enhance their cycling experience. Whether it’s the latest cutting-edge bike models or essential gear such as helmets, cycling apparel, and maintenance tools, this store prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all cycling enthusiasts.


Moreover, Evolution Bikes has cultivated a global customer base, with cyclists hailing from various states and countries worldwide. Its reputation for excellence has spread far and wide, earning the trust and loyalty of riders everywhere.

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